Commercial Air Conditioning

Reliable year-round comfort for your business

It's no secret that comfortable employees are productive employees.

Hanstock Air Conditioning has been helping businesses create optimal working environments for 30 years. Our comprehensive range of commercial air conditioning services have every business need covered, from precise multi-zone cooling to bespoke refrigeration solutions. 

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Designed for performance and efficiency

No two businesses have the same commercial air conditioning needs, but some of our most popular options over the decades include:

ducted air conditioning installed onto the high wall of an office

Ducted Systems

These units offer a discreet and effective cooling solution for office and retail spaces, seamlessly fitting into your existing ceiling infrastructure for minimal visual impact while delivering powerful and efficient climate control.

a VRV/VRF System installed onto the roof of an office building

VRV/VRF Systems

The perfect choice for larger businesses, these refrigerant-based systems allow for custom comfort settings in different areas while consuming less energy than traditional systems. This translates into lower operating costs and a small carbon footprint.

a server room with air conditioning installed in it

Server Room Cooling

Data centres, server rooms and similar areas demand a careful attention to detail. Our expert team understand the unique challenges of these rooms, and offers a tailored service that keeps your sensitive electronics operating efficiently.






What commercial air conditioning services do we offer?


As a team of Daikin D1-certified installers, Hanstock Air Conditioning offers a wide range of options from flexible wall-mounted units to high-performance floor-mounted units. Whatever your business needs, special requirements or budget constraints, we will work diligently to design and install a customised solution to minimise disruption of your business operations.

Proactive Maintenance Programs

Our preventative approach to maintenance serves to keep your components in warranty while extending the lifespan of your system and addressing minor faults before they escalate into costly and disruptive repairs. This results in both continual returns on your investment and year-round comfort for your commercial property.

Swift Emergency

Even minor breakdowns or disruptions to a business's air conditioning system can have a major impact. Hanstock Air Conditioning offers a prompt and reliable repair service that gets to the root cause of the fault, advises the best cause of action and leverages our extensive network to source even the most specialised components needed for the repair.






an energy efficient air conditioning system with the source installed outside a property

Energy Efficient Solutions

Hanstock Air Conditioning understands that businesses today are looking to both optimise their cost-effectiveness and prioritise environmental responsibility.

With this in mind, we offer greener alternatives to conventional air conditioning such as Variable Refrigerant Volume systems, Variable Refrigerant Flow systems and floor-mounted systems. These options seamlessly reduce your business's environmental impact without sacrificing the comfort of your employees or customers.





Customised solutions for every industry

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for commercial air conditioning – Different industries have distinct requirements.

an icon of a retail basket

Retail Stores

Maintaining a comfortable shopping environment is crucial, but so is energy efficiency. We design systems that ensure a pleasant customer experience while minimising energy consumption.

an icon of a plate with a knife and fork denoting a restaurant


From walk-in coolers to ventilation systems for busy kitchens, we provide solutions that meet health code regulations and prioritise energy savings.

an icon of a medical cross

Healthcare Settings

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require precise temperature and air quality control. We offer specialised systems that ensure patient comfort and comply with strict industry standards.

an icon of a manufacturing plant with a chimney execrating smoke

Manufacturing Plants

Specific temperature and humidity levels are often critical for manufacturing processes. We design systems that deliver optimal performance while minimising energy use.


No matter your specific needs, whether it's temperature-controlled storage or clean indoor environments, we have the knowledge and experience needed to create a customised commercial air conditioning solution that meets your requirements.





 a cafeteria inside a stadium with a ceiling mounted air conditioning system installed above

The Hanstock Air Conditioning Quality Assurance

  • Hanstock Air Conditioning are committed to delivering exceptional service and quality workmanship on every project.
  • Our team consists of certified technicians with extensive training and experience in commercial HVAC systems.
  • We adhere to industry best practices and quality assurance standards to ensure that every installation, maintenance visit and repair service meets our high standards.





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