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Investing in air conditioning is investing in your wellbeing

Looking for a simple way to cool your home or a comprehensive solution for multi-room comfort in your business?

Hanstock Air Conditioning have been installing and servicing air conditioning in Sheffield and the surrounding area for 30 years. Whether you need a brand-new air-conditioning system installed, need some routine maintenance on a ventilation system or need speedy repairs, we have you covered.

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Reliable Maintenance

Don't wait for a breakdown!

Regular maintenance by Hanstock Air Conditioning's certified engineers keeps your AC running smoothly year-round. Through inspections, cleaning, and adjustments, we optimise performance and prevent costly surprises, ensuring your cool comfort and peace of mind.

Air Conditioning Maintenance


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Comprehensive Repairs

A malfunctioning AC can be uncomfortable for homes and potentially disastrous for businesses.

Our expert technicians can quickly diagnose and repair all AC issues – Whether it's our own handiwork or that of another air conditioning installer. With advanced tools, quality parts and an endeavour to get things done right first time, we'll restore comfort to your property promptly.

Air Conditioning Repairs



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Technical Refrigeration

Variable refrigerant volume (VRV) and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems offer powerful climate control for larger buildings.

Hanstock Air Conditioning's comprehensive services spans installation, repairs and maintenance for refrigeration systems of all sizes, from smaller chillers to large-scale server rooms. The result is a versatile system that is seamlessly integrated into your existing building structure.



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Effective Ventilation

Breathe easy in your home or business!

Hanstock Air Conditioning provides comprehensive ventilation services to optimise airflow and air quality. We install, maintain, and repair ventilation systems to remove pollutants, reduce humidity, and create a healthier, more comfortable environment for everyone.





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Domestic &
Commercial Gas

Keep your property warm and your mind at ease with our complete gas services.

Hanstock Air Conditioning covers installations, maintenance and repairs of gas heating and ventilation systems for both residential and commercial properties.

Gas Services






Questions we're frequently asked about air conditioning in Sheffield

Is air conditioning expensive to install?

The cost of installing a new air conditioning unit depends on a wide range of factors, including the type of system, the size of your space and whether there is any existing ductwork.

Our process for installing air conditioning in Sheffield and the wider UK begins with a discussion about your needs, so that we may compile a detailed quote laying out all the costs.

What’s our installation process?

Simply get in touch with us via 07976 925304 / 07971 564151 or paul@hanstockaircon.com, and we will schedule an in-person visit to both take measurements and discuss your exact requirements.

From here, Hanstock Air Conditioning will put together a quotation that both details the installation costs and offers a number of alternative makes, models, brands and installation methods that you may not have considered, potentially opening doors for immediate savings and reduced operating costs.

Can I maintain my air conditioning unit myself?

We only recommend that our clients clean their air conditioning units and change the filter (Something that we will show you how to do following an installation). Attempting to maintain an air conditioner yourself without the appropriate certifications is a surefire way to void your warranty.

Are our installations under warranty?

Yes – All components following a new installation are covered for 5 years.

Are our works guaranteed?

Yes – Labour costs for repairs are free for the first year following an installation.

Do I need to obtain planning permission before having air conditioning installed?

Planning permission will usually have to be obtained before air conditioning can be installed.

However, as there are a vast number of potential installation settings and circumstances, it is advised that you discuss the proposals with your Local Planning Authority before appointing an installer.

Is air conditioning expensive to run?

Air conditioning is not that expensive to run.

Although costs can vary from installation to installation, and are co-dependent upon a number of factors, including the running time of the unit, and the heating and cooling loads, air conditioning is usually quite economical.







Hanstock Air Conditioning are proud to serve domestic and commercial clients alike

Should you have any questions about our expert installation, repair and maintenance services, please get in touch at call 07976 925304 / 07971 564151 or paul@hanstockaircon.co.uk.

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